“Bulletproof” off “Not Again” release 2017

Bulletproof is the 3rd track off the 2017 Not Again album.


“I wrote this track pretty quickly.  I sat down with my guitar and was fooling around with some progressions trying to capture a sound I heard on an early Eric Clapton album – Another Ticket – to be precise.  I love this album mostly because of the subtle guitar work.  Anyway, in trying to get this sound I came across this quick little lick that ended up being the basis for the entire track.  

As far as the lyrics, well, I had this idea of a guy or girl, I’m sure everyone has met them in their life, that no matter who trashes them or what is thrown at them they are unfazed by it.  They are like one of those teflon frying pans where nothing sticks.  Those kind of people are frustrating and inspiring all at once.”  

 ~ K

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